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Report Publication

The Chairman has now concluded his Report, which was laid before Parliament on Wednesday 17 December 2014. The Report is in English only. The Executive Summary and Chairman's Statement are in English and Arabic. All are available to view on this website.


  • Al-Sweady Inquiry Report, Volume 1, Part 1
  • Al-Sweady Inquiry Report, Volume 1, Part 2
  • Al-Sweady Inquiry Report, Volume 2, Part 1
  • Al-Sweady Inquiry Report, Volume 2, Part 2
  • Al-Sweady Inquiry Report, Executive Summary
  • Al-Sweady Inquiry Report, Transcript of Chairman's Statement
  • Arabic

  • Al-Sweady Inquiry Report, Executive Summary (Arabic)
  • Al-Sweady Inquiry Report, Chairman's Statement (Arabic)

    Statement by Public Interest Lawyers

    Public Interest Lawyers who act for the Iraqi Core Participants in the Inquiry have today (Thursday 20 March 2014) made a statement that they will not submit that, on the balance of probabilities, live Iraqis captured during the course of the battle on 14 May 2004 died or were killed at Camp Abu Naji. Following the conclusion of the majority of the military evidence and current state of disclosure of MoD material, they contend that there is insufficient material to establish that Iraqi civilians were unlawfully killed whilst in the custody of British troops at Camp Abu Naji. The allegations of mistreatment of Iraqi civilians in British custody remain.

    Closing Submissions

    The Inquiry heard oral closing submissions from Core Participants on Wednesday 16 April 2014. The link to the transcript and written submissions can be found here. Core Participants were also permitted to lodge written replies to closing submissions and these can be found here.

    Oral Hearings - Military Witness Evidence

    The Inquiry has finished hearing evidence from the majority of military witnesses. The link to the transcripts of that evidence can be found here.

    Oral Hearings - Iraqi and Expert Witness Evidence

    The Inquiry has finished hearing evidence from Iraqi Witnesses and a number of Expert Witnesses. The transcripts and related evidence can be viewed here.

    Public Oral Hearings

    On Monday 4 March 2013 the Inquiry commenced its full Public Oral Hearings. These concluded on 16 April 2014 with oral closing submissions from Core Participants.


    The Chairman is grateful to all those witnesses who have responded to his request to provide information relevant to his Terms of Reference. The Inquiry is no longer seeking to contact witnesses.


    Background to the Inquiry

    In a written statement given on Wednesday 25 November 2009, the Secretary of State for Defence, The Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP announced that there would be a public inquiry in to the allegations that Iraqi nationals were detained after a firefight with British soldiers in Iraq in 2004 and unlawfully killed at a British camp, and that others had been mistreated at that camp and later at a detention facility.

    The Inquiry is established under the Inquiries Act 2005 and is chaired by the Sir Thayne Forbes, a retired High Court judge. His terms of reference are:

    "To investigate and report on the allegations made by the claimants in the Al-Sweady judicial review proceedings against British soldiers of (1) unlawful killing at Camp Abu Naji on 14 and 15 May 2004, and (2) the ill-treatment of five Iraqi nationals detained at Camp Abu Naji and subsequently at the divisional temporary detention facility at Shaibah Logistics Base between 14 May and 23 September 2004, taking account of the investigations which have already taken place, and to make recommendations".

    The Chairman has set out how he is conducting the Inquiry. Further details can be found here.

    Click here to read more about the Chairman and his team.

    To contact the Inquiry team, please click here or use the 'Contact Us' link in the main menu.

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